Thames River Sheds is in Kirkton, Ontario, Canada. We supply quality, Canadian made, Premier Portable Buildings or Sheds.

At our business location in Kirkton, we currently have in stock a number of portable building models which can be delivered to your location immediately. There are many styles available, all of which can be customized to meet your needs. Alternatively, you can design your own shed with our online design system.

Our delivery is FREE within 80 kms of our location and there is a small delivery charge applied for each kilometre after the free 80 kms. (Extra charges apply to all 14′ and 16′ wide buildings.) Once delivered to your location, we set up the shed for free and level it if necessary. Please see the instructions for types of base preparation in this website, which is situated at the bottom of the Price List page.

Shed Office

Each of our portable buildings carries a 5 Year Warranty, and a 30 Year Warranty on each metal roof. The quality of our buildings is shown in the floor joists being 2″ x 6″ instead of the normal 2″ x 4″, which are set into notched ground skids for added building stability. All our buildings are sealed with urethane paint and include a diamond-plate threshold on all door openings. You can have confidence in our design drawings which are drafted by licensed professional engineers for each respective territory.


Our delivery is FREE for 80 kms. from our location, which includes the following: Goderich, Lucknow, Teeswater, Harriston, Kitchener, Burford, Tilsonburg, Port Stanley, Glencoe, Watford, and Forest. Please see our service area map.


Premier buildings are designed by professionals and made in Canada with the best of materials. We are proud to create a building to meet your requirements. Whether you order from our standard designs, or create your own, we can deliver to you in a timely fashion. Our expertise allows us to help with various site preparation and permit details.



All our buildings are designed by professional Engineers and online custom designs are also checked out for building stability before we start the construction on your unique building.


Our construction meets and exceeds all professional standards and we offer a 5 Year Warranty on our buildings, as well as a 30 Year Warranty on each metal roof.

Free Delivery Process


We offer FREE delivery within our service area and also do FREE levelling on site if required. To ensure a smooth delivery, the access route should be at least 2 feet wider at all points than your building.

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At Thames River Sheds we are committed to getting you the cabin/shed of your dreams.

 You have this beautiful spot that’s just begging for a lofted cabin with a covered porch for “just sitting there looking pretty” or that slumber party your kids are begging for, maybe store those garden tools and a few more things so the car will have a home out of the weather. For whatever you need a shed, to make you and yours happy, makes us happy. Come visit us at 1853 Perth Rd 164 in Kirkton ON 

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